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     We provide an eclectic combination of  artisan  "High End" copper ceiling tiles to a classy aluminum or tin decorative design, providing an unparalelled elegance to any space.


      HD Modern Wall and Ceiling, focuses on the oft forgotten "5th Dimension"unlike the typical internet sales experience, We also focus on producing best quality and cost effective,job specific, Class "A" Fire sated industry compliant products.


     We specialize in the hospitality industry, providing products from headboards to ceiling applications, that are endless in the commercial and residential venues.



     Rendering what is needed to amplify the space  in your hotel ,casino, restaurant or commercial facility's.  Personality and charisma, takes time and thought, exploring the potential of your ceiling, or wall space. We spend time as a company qualifying your needs, with your design team before sending top shelf samples.

      Our design service is in most instances is free to our customers,  furnishing us a few dimensional or photographic images . Please include your dimensions on an attached work order, or/and upload or email any available photos. At that point we can pursue 

the best possible design ,& product  selection!


     Choosing the right products is essential to 

 any construction projects success. Also.choosing

 the right installer is expotentially  as important to 

 your projects success. We at HD Modern offer 

 Installation and have a crew of  4-8 men, 2 shifts,

with project management, if needed to meet your      construction deadline.                                                        We work in the Continental US & Canada, insured,

licensed if needed, competitive pricing, send us your 

 print or dimensions, free consultation, & quotes!

 Best Regards,

         HD Modern Wall and Ceiling,Inc.

          Ceiling Tile Install 



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